March 29, 2018

Residents at Peace Village have the privilege to develop healthy exercise habits in the comfort of their own home. Since introducing Power Wellness Fitness Specialists Kelsie Mazur (B.S. M.S. CES) and Trace Bradley (B.S. CPT), wellness has become a lifestyle that is visible throughout the community.

We offer a wide variety of group exercise classes scheduled on a daily basis, all instilling the basic principles of posture, balance, mobility, flexibility, and overall strength.

Since May 2017, the fitness center has acquired four brand new pieces of fitness equipment as it gears towards its eventual move to a new and expanded wellness center. The pieces of equipment include a treadmill, Nu Step machine, upright recumbent elliptical machine, and a Free Motion dual cable cross. A variety of machines make the fitness center more challenging, offering a wide variety of state of the art equipment.

With both an Anti-gravity treadmill and Sci-Fit treadmill now on site, overall cardiovascular exercise are accessible to residents within the community and no longer, do our residents have to venture out to a local fitness center. These machines are used widely for their deliverance in cardiovascular exercise using low-impact force on the joints. Both strength training and cardiovascular exercise are at the tip of residents’ fingertips!

It is with great pleasure that the fitness center has become the new hub of activity for residents here at Peace Village; they can come and go as they please from 8:30a.m to 3:00p.m, or work one-on-one with the attending fitness specialist, Kelsie or Trace to achieve their long-term fitness goals.