People talk. And you’ll want their take on life at Peace Village. Here’s what some of our residents are saying.

Our grounds are so beautiful with mature trees and walking paths. It is close to the mall and other shops and restaurants, and it’s close to my daughter.

Ruth Juveland

I chose Peace Village for the location and the friendly atmosphere. I love to read, and the library is great. It feels like home.

Bea Lyons

After three years of being here, it’s just the nicest place. It feels good, the food is great and there is a lot of activity.

Rose Krc

Just celebrated my first year, and I love it. I looked at other communities and this felt like home. From the area surrounded by nature and beauty to all of the activities … It’s so clean and the food is awesome.

Flo Lundy

I moved to Peace Village 3 years ago at 74 years of age. Having checked out several retirement communities, I was particularly impressed with the beautiful grounds, especially the pond and surroundings. I immediately noticed a very friendly atmosphere among the residents and the staff. It felt like home as opposed to institutional. Since I've been here, I am most impressed with the quality employees that serve us. They are kind, competent and very helpful. I'm very grateful to live here.

Marilyn Moravec