For 2 months now Peace Village residents have been setting aside time to get together to clip coupons for military families overseas. These coupons provide our troops and their families with additional savings on food and home goods that they purchase on the military bases in other countries. Coupon clipping has become quite an event for some of residents. The enthusiasm is heartwarming. Our residents are having so much fun! They arrive early and prepared; toting scissors, coupons and reading glasses. The room is filled with laughter and lively conversations about new foods, recipes and just life in general. We are all learning more about each other and helping families who support our country in the process. Some of the residents have even suggested we get together earlier next month because “we still have a lot of good work to do.” Stop by Prairie Club on the first Thursday of the month and check out the excitement! Our residents are having a blast!

Susan Schaffrath

Resident Experience Ambassador