Commercials and ads full of vibrant seniors savoring their leisure time at assisted living communities pepper the media around us. Many retired persons may wonder, “Is that really all its portrayed to be? I like my independence! I’m not sure I want to move.”

Moving to assisted living for seniors can actually be very much like those marketing messages, especially when you move to non-profit community that believes ardently in the mission of providing an exceptional experience for their residents. When you move into an assisted living apartment, your world expands, bringing you so many choices to live larger.

Improved Health

Studies show that the health of seniors who move into assisted living homes improves. Frailty is reduced, and hospitalizations decrease. Personalized care plans let you determine which personal and professional services will give you the most independence possible. Your dedicated professional staff can help with daily living activities that may have become difficult, such as bathing, dressing, mobility and more. We will regularly check your blood pressure and watch for developing medical issues.

Adaptive group fitness classes will improve your health, or exercise on your own schedule using the fully-equipped fitness center and personal trainer. Nutritious, delicious and well-prepared meals will please your palate and build your wellness. You’ll have on-site access to essential care; there are physician, podiatrist, ophthalmologist and dental consultations all available within our facility.

Improved Social Interaction

You’ll have friends all around you in senior living! Senior living is sociable and lively. Here, you can build new experiences with new hobbies or by rekindling passions. There are any number of social opportunities at assisted living in Orland Park area. There are social groups, entertainment, game rooms, events, field trips, fitness classes, hobby groups, and spiritual enrichment groups. You’ll stay engaged and involve with you enjoy the highest quality programs, add richness to your life – and you’ll just have fun too.

Improved Independence

We let you be you in assisted living. You are offered the independence to make the choices that suit your desires each and every day. Your individuality matters – and we respect the choices you’ll make. We’ll understand when you desire to solitude and when you want to join the crowd.

Enjoy your freedom when you ride our convenient shuttle. When you let someone else do the driving, you’re free to explore the greater Palos Park and Orland Park areas.

Because you’re no longer tethered to household chores and maintenance, assisted living is empowering seniors to live larger, to spend your time invigorating your life.

Improved Safety

Assisted living residents say they feel safer in senior living, with better peace of mind for their security and their health. Carefully planned railings, ramps and flooring in public areas along with grab bars and emergency call systems in assisted living apartments means a decreased risk of falls and accidents.

Living in a senior living facility means security 24/7, around the clock, allowing you to visit with friends any time of day, without worry.

“I should have done this years ago!”

Far and away the most common feeling from any resident of a senior living facility is that they waited too long, that they should have made the move to independent senior living years before they actually did. Across the board, seniors stress that their health, social life and independence improved after moving to a retirement community.

When you notice that you or a loved one is struggling with daily living tasks, call to schedule a tour. We’ll show you how assisted living in Palos Park is more than a senior living community; it’s the chance to live larger. 

Assisted living in Palos Park is empowering seniors by improving their health, safety and social interaction. With private apartments and a full calendar of events, assisted living care in Palos Park gives senior independence.