Like many couples planning their future and the next pivotal moments in their lives, Jerry and Nancy Gayeski didn’t take the decision to move into Peace Village lightly.

“I have extreme difficulty walking, and we knew if anything happened to Jerry, I would have to move to a place like this,” Nancy said. “So originally we were looking for a place for me.”

And after 32 years of marriage, Jerry had a revelation the night before their appointment at Peace Village, that he should move with her, sooner rather than later.

“Naturally, I was thrilled,” Nancy said.

Nancy and Jerry visited one independent living home prior to Peace Village but weren’t impressed.

“It was nice, but rather cold. It reminded me of a hotel,” Nancy recalled. “When we came to Peace Village, it felt like home. The people were warm and friendly.”

They both agreed that Peace Village was right for them, and they moved to their apartment in early August 2022.

Since settling in, Jerry and Nancy embrace the unique amenities, activities, and social opportunities available to them.

“Peace Village is beautiful,” Jerry said. “The grounds and interior are clean and very well kept. The staff and residents are friendly and helpful. It has a ‘homey’ feel.”

Additionally, they both participate in exercise classes, and Jerry walks with a group. He also likes to fish at the pond onsite.

Besides physical activities, the Gayeskis are involved with activities that appeal to their personal interests and well-being.

“We both enjoy music, conversation, and watching Wheel of Fortune. I go twice a month to assisted living for a sing-along with Jim from Life Enrichment,” Nancy said. “And we are both in charge of a monthly movie night for residents. Jerry is involved with the Garden Club. They grew delicious tomatoes and green peppers, which they shared with the residents.”

Like family

The Gayeskis expressed they appreciate Peace Village for the support and services that have made their daily lives easier and more enjoyable.

“We eat dinner every day in the beautiful dining room with the same people, who have come to be like family,” Nancy said. “We’re both involved in committees that not only allow us to be helpful to other people but also have fun.”

They said they also value the opportunities to take Peace Village’s bus to church, shopping, and to other fun outings.

Words of wisdom

The Gayeskis shared some helpful guidance for other seniors, who are considering Peace Village as a living option.

“Peace Village offers a friendly atmosphere, good food, many fun activities, and the people are welcoming,” Nancy said. “The staff is capable and friendly. It’s a great lifestyle.”