Each year, as spring gives way to summer, communities from coast to coast experience a flurry of real estate activity. That’s partly because it’s an ideal time for young families to relocate in between school years. However, there are also plenty of reasons summer is an ideal time for older adults to consider making a move to independent living.

You may already be contemplating when to move to independent living, but here are some reasons you may want to accelerate your plans and make this summer the season you start enjoying the retirement lifestyle you’ve always imagined.

Agreeable Market Conditions

In recent months, there isn’t a bad time to sell, but summer is an especially good time to list your home. You may have more competition, but you’re also likely to have a larger pool of buyers who — like you — want to take advantage of the ways summer moves are more successful. Buyers tend to be time-sensitive, so they’re more likely to make strong offers and propose quick closing dates. From a practical standpoint, maintaining your home for showings and keeping the curb appeal strong is also easier when the weather cooperates.

Extra Daylight Hours

While it’s true that summer doesn’t actually put more time in the day, extended daylight hours sure make it feel like you can get more accomplished. When you’re tackling a long list of to-do’s in preparation for a big move, then settling into your new space, all that energizing natural light is sure to help.

Accommodating Weather

Especially in the Midwest, summer is a sweet spot for moving. You’ll dodge the unpredictable storms that come with spring and fall, and you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding your way through the winter ice. Summer days may be warm, but you can generally count on nice weather to get your belongings safely transferred from your old house to  your new independent senior living apartment.

Fewer Calendar Conflicts

Once fall rolls around, the calendar fills up fast with holidays and other activities that can make it difficult to plan a move. In addition, summer gives you some space from the emotional connection of these events and the memories that tie you to your old home. Timing your move in the summer means you’ll have plenty of time to get settled and months to decide how you’ll celebrate new traditions when the next holiday season arrives.

More Opportunity to Meet Neighbors

Warmer weather brings people outdoors, where you can strike up casual conversations and get to know your neighbors. Instead of hunkering down inside, you’ll find people out and about, running errands, soaking up the sun, walking their dogs and more. Those are all great places to find some common ground and start building connections to make your new independent living community feel like home.

Outdoor Activities Galore

Not only can you take advantage of bright, sunny days to meet new people, but you’ll also have plenty of time to get acquainted with all the amenities your new community offers. Outdoor attractions are among the highlights at independent living communities like Peace Village, where you’ll find an expansive 22 acres to explore, a fishing lake, walking paths, and the captivating Cook County forest preserves just a half mile away.

Mark Your Calendar for a Move

If you need one more reason to make your move sooner than later, that reason is Peace Village, a community where each resident’s individuality is honored, wellness is supported, faith is inspired and friendships are made. Attractive finishes, safety features, private outdoor living space and maintenance-free living are just some of the reasons you’ll love making Peace Village your home.

Contact us to learn more about the additional services, wellness programming, and more that make life shine brighter in this independent living community located in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.
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