May 10, 2018

One of the outings our residents really enjoy is going to Marcus Theatres to see a movie. On a monthly basis, we will be reaching out to one of the movie goers and ask them to share their review of the movie.

This month Trudy Transier gave us her review of the movie “Chappaquiddick”.

Here is a little background information on the movie without giving away any spoilers. The movie takes us back to 1969 the night Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge in Massachusetts’ Chappaquiddick Island. The movie takes us through the investigation which brings up scandals, which changes history.

We asked Trudy if the movie met her expectations. She said yes but was disappointed that no new information was shared. It truly was just a review of everything that she had already seen on the news. Trudy does believe that the story itself was done well and the actors did a wonderful job. She would not necessarily recommend this movie to a friend because of the reasons she listed above. Finally, Trudy would give this movie a 2 ½ out of 5 stars.