Think Halloween is a holiday just for the kids? Think again! Seniors love celebrating Halloween! The residents of Peace Village joined the fun over the weekend as they passed out candy to local trick-or-treaters. There were witches, and Cubs superfans and burglars, oh my! And those were just a few of our resident costumes. As the children trick-or-treated through Prairie Landing, our residents were reminded of the fun they had when their children went trick-or-treating and of the days that hundreds of children came to their homes dressed in costume. Many residents were able to invite their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to participate in the fun. Seeing the littlest ones in cute costumes brought a smile to everyone’s faces! Halloween is a happy holiday; no matter what age you are it’s always fun to dress up as something or someone else. Halloween is a holiday filled with laughter and fun energy and our Peace Village residents sure know how to have fun!