Do you have an itch for more during retirement? Maybe you’re less interested in spending your time and effort on mowing, weeding, planting, and mulching than you used to be. You’re wondering about downsizing, because you’re tired of vacuuming, dusting, and paying to heat and cool rooms you hardly use. You could be ready for a move to a senior living community where you can continue to live independently, but don’t have to maintain a home.

10 Benefits of Independent Living
The independent living lifestyle gives you time and freedom to do what you love. Travel to visit family and friends or explore places you’ve always wanted to see. Focus on your health and fitness under the eye of a personal trainer and nutritionist. Make new friends and enjoy new hobbies in an energizing, inclusive environment. Independent living for seniors allows you to design the retirement lifestyle you want.

A home to fit your needs. Take your pick of practical floor plans to best suit your budget and preferred lifestyle. All communities offer different-sized apartments, and most offer duplexes, townhomes or free-standing cottages. Smaller residences are easier to keep clean and leave locked up when you want to travel, while larger ones give you space for guests or perhaps a home office.

More time for yourself. Reclaim the time you spend on housework, yardwork, cleaning and other household responsibilities. Maintenance-free senior living makes these mundane chores a thing of the past. The exterior of your home is maintained every season of the year, and groundskeepers and gardeners ensure that lawns are mowed, leaves are swept away, and flowers are planted to keep your surroundings alive and colorful.

Worry-free travel. Pick up and go on that golf trip, yoga retreat or overseas tour. The money you save on lawn care, planting and appliance maintenance can go right into your travel budget. You won’t need to worry about the security of your home and belongings because of around-the-clock security services.

No need to cook. No more wondering about what to make for dinner. Even if you enjoy being in the kitchen, it’s nice to not have to cook and wash dishes when you don’t feel like it. Independent living gives you the choice to eat out when you feel like it. Most communities offer multiple dining options that may include chef-prepared restaurant-style dining, a casual grab-and-go eatery, a coffee lounge, and a pub or sports bar.

Transportation options. Independent living provides the advantage of not having to drive, park, or walk to grocery shops or run errands. Regularly scheduled transportation services will take you to local shops and other destinations, saving you the cost of operating your own vehicle, and the hassle of traffic and parking.

Physical fitness. Need to lose those extra pounds or work on your flexibility? It’s easier to commit to a regular exercise routine in independent living. There’s no need to drive somewhere to get your workout, since fitness amenities like a gym and a pool are already on-site. The instructors will be trained in fitness for older adults, and they’ll give you the right motivation and guidance to reach your goals.

Holistic wellness. A study by the MacArthur Foundation found that 70% of physical aging and 50% of mental aging is determined by our lifestyle choices. Most independent living communities offer research-based wellness programs and health care designed for seniors. These programs address multiple dimensions of wellness –– emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and others –– personalized to fit your lifestyle goals.

Friendship and support. Nearly one-third of seniors live by themselves and become less socially active as they age. Social circles also shrink as we get older. It can be hard to find opportunities to make new friends. These opportunities are naturally part of the culture in independent living. Community activities and events held on campus make it easy to meet your neighbors and socialize with people your age.

Interesting activities. You won’t be bored in an independent living community. The warm and inclusive culture of a place like Peace Village ensures there’s plenty to do. Our activity calendar includes clubs, committees, social events and outings that will keep you as busy as you want to be.

Lifelong learning. Independent living communities like Peace Village believe that age is no barrier to personal growth. We offer many ways you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge, both on and off campus. With literature, technology, health, finance, and the arts presented through classes, talks, workshops, and online seminars — you’ll surely find an avenue to stoke your interest.

Ready for a Brand New Chapter in Retirement?
Independent living at Peace Village offers you the chance to be who you are and live how you want to without the stresses of owning a home. If you’re ready to learn more, reach out to us to learn about your options and next steps.